The Recording Booth studio has made its home in a unique purpose-built facility in the little village of Bedfield, Suffolk, UK. There's a pub, a school and not much else apart from the wildlife... oh, and lots of peace and quiet, which is why we like it here! That said, we're hardly off in the middle of nowhere as we're just ten minutes drive from both the historic market town of Framlingham and the picturesque and remarkably well-served village of Debenham.

Most of the action happens in the main 5m x 4m room, which has a lovely natural sound. The direct communication afforded by the engineer and performers being in the same room together is something I like, so when I built the studio in Autumn 2017 I decided to go down this route. In addition to the main room, there's a smaller room with a dedicated, acoustically-controlled vocal recording area, and the entrance lobby to the studio which can be pressed into action as an extra recording space. This is also where you'll find the kettle (tea, strong, splash of milk, so sugar) and door to the loo!


Microphones: Sontronics Aria, AKG C414XLS, Audio Technica 4033a, AKG C2000B, Shure Beta56A, SM58 (x2), SM57 (x2), Custom-made ‘sub-kick’, Tbone MB-85 Beta (x2), EM700 (x4), BD-300 & drum kit set.

Recording: iMac running Reaper 5. Focusrite Clarett 8Pre interface plus Octopre MkII extension. FX plug-ins and virtual instruments by Waves, Slate Digital, Melodyne, Native Instruments, Toontrack... too numerous to list. Weighted 88 note stage piano/master keyboard, Alesis Q49 controller keyboard.

Monitoring: Genelec monitors. Shure SRH1840, Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro, DT 250 and  DT 100 headphones. Sonarworks Reference 4 calibration.

Instruments: Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage drums, Yamaha electronic drums triggering Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 and SD2 with Custom & Vintage expansion, Fylde Touchstone mandolin, 1991 Martin D-35 acoustic guitar, 2004 Furch S21-CR acoustic guitar, Yamaha AE500 hollow body electric guitar, Ibanez RB850 bass guitar, Tanglewood acoustic bass guitar, Ozark banjo, Primavera cello, various percussion (doumbek, cajon, bodhran, cabasa, shakers etc)… and a genuine Australian didgeridoo.

Amps/Effects: Laney TF300 guitar combo, Boss GT10 effects unit.