UPDATE 2nd July 2020:
To be honest, I’ve been busy with remote work during lockdown, so this “New Normal” crept up on me a bit.
About four weeks ago I started getting tentative questions from some regular clients asking if I was thinking about opening the studio again. Once I’d had a think about Social Distancing, the (original) layout of the studio and the advice coming through via the Musicians’ Union, I realised I needed to change things around if I was going to be able to create a safe, COVID-compliant, but also still inspiring space in which to work.
Following a very thorough re-organisation of the studio, I’m now in a position to welcome one guest into the studio. I’ve completed a thorough Risk Assessment and created some new procedures, which I will share with anyone looking to come in here.
So this is what the studio now looks like: We come in the door, I turn right and sit in the middle of all this gear:

…and you turn left to the much more spacious ‘guest’ area of the main room, plus the isolation room for vocals…

Any questions, do get in touch.

And now, back to the usual stuff…

I’m David Booth – The Recording Booth – music producer, multi-instrumentalist, sound engineer, singer-songwriter. “The Recording Booth” is also the name of my boutique recording studio in Bedfield in the heart of Suffolk, UK.

I cover pretty much all the things you’d expect of a small, high quality recording studio but specialise in working with singer-songwriters and online collaboration & mixing, often working with clients from early song ideas right through to release.

Whether you are an established artist ready to record your latest album or an up & coming act looking for support in developing your unique sound, The Recording Booth has everything you need.

Check out the Testimonials page to get an idea of what it *feels* like to work with me.

And here’s a chat I had recently with Rok from Ollo Audio about how I got into music and some of my current thoughts & working methods:

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David Edward Booth

Is it the hallway in a #peakdistrict holiday house, or is it a high quality temporary #musicproduction facility? Bo… t.co/tSQ5Nw5hqU

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David Edward Booth

Recharging the creative energy stores. #walking #peakdistrict #nofilter #whereiamfrom @ Cracken Edge t.co/sFCriudPMC

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Global Optimism

This unique moment is our opportunity to reimagine the systems we live by. @MassiveAttackUK joins us on… t.co/uu1EbRI4h5

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David Edward Booth

I rather like my new screensaver. It’s an image by Lucy Hart (from Honey & The Bear) - cover art for the (hopefully… t.co/DoHb3ZcO3f

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Drew Young

Super cool to be included on this playlist! I am keeping some great company! @DaveRecordingB @kelly1bayfield t.co/bZjrcFoCtO

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