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I’m David Edward Booth – The Recording Booth (see what I did there?)
I’m a music producer, songwriter, recording & mixing engineer, multi-instrumentalist and mentor…

I have a unique palette of experience I can bring to your song, your home recordings, your EP, your album, your music career, your day of making music just because that’s what you love doing. I’ve recorded and performed in brass bands (cornet), rock bands (drums), acoustic pop bands (guitar/vocals), folk bands (guitar, drums, bodhran, flugel, vocals)…

Where am I?
I live on a farm in Raydon, Suffolk, UK with my singer-songwriter wife Kelly, our friendly long-haired chihuahua, Frodo, and a very fluffy cat called Dawn. Our neighbours are mostly horses.
My studio is here too.

Who do I work with?
Singers, songwriters and musicians who care deeply about what they do.
DIY, self-releasing artists who need a producer to be a reliable, understanding member of their team.
Artists with home-recording capability who need fresh ears for mixing and perhaps some extra fairy-dust production.
Aspiring artists/musicians ready to take next steps to releasing their music.

How does it work?
Sometimes we all sit in a room together with your great songs, some nice microphones and capture the moments as they happen. Other times the work can be done entirely remotely. I’ve made many albums this way. In recent years I’ve enjoyed delving into online collaboration of various shapes & sizes with creatives in Sweden, US and throughout the UK.

If you work with me, you will get:
Someone who cares about your project. Someone to be the extra ears, provide the objective overview and give honest, constructive opinion. Someone with 25 years professional experience from both the artist and recording engineer/producer perspectives. I understand what you’re feeling!

And sometimes I take on a mentoring role, helping to guide less experienced performers, writers and producers further along their chosen music journey. I do this informally in my every day work, and formally through Co-Pilot: the Musicians’ Mentoring Network.

Does this sound like your thing? Check out the Testimonials page to get an idea of what other people think about working with me and then Get in touch.

Thanks for visiting!
David Edward Booth. The Recording Booth. Recording engineer. Mixing engineer. Music producer. Music artist mentor. Singer. Songwriter. Drummer. Flugelhorn player. Guitarist. Session musician. Remote session musician. Remote session drums. Remote session guitar.