I’m David Edward Booth – The Recording Booth (see what I did there?)
I’m a music producer, songwriter, drummer, guitarist, flugelhorn player, singer, recording & mixing engineer and mentor.
I’m based in my own small but perfectly formed studio in Wickham Market, Suffolk, UK.

Who do I work with?
Singer-songwriters, mostly.
Perhaps tiny little bands.
Artists who care deeply about what they do.

If you come to me, you will get:
– a caring collaborator in your project, not just a person who records, mixes and can play stuff.
– someone to be the extra ears, provide the objective overview and give honest, constructive opinion.
– a calm, thoughtful co-writer, if necessary, to help finish off unfinished songs.

In recent years I’ve enjoyed delving into online collaboration of various shapes & sizes and currently collaborate regularly with people in the US and Sweden as well as all over the place in the UK.

And sometimes I take on a mentoring role, helping to guide less experienced performers, writers and producers further along their chosen music journey.

Does this sound like your thing? Get in touch!

Check out the Testimonials page to get an idea of what other people think about working with me.

And here’s a chat I had (back in a previous studio) with Rok Gulič from Ollo Audio (I use and endorse their lovely headphones) about how I got into music and some of my thoughts on what I do. It’ll give you a good idea of how I go about making music: