“Away Away” – quietly returning to my ‘solo’ roots

I’m putting out a new ‘solo’ album in July called “Away Away”, after one of the songs.
“Yeah, okay Dave, hundreds of other artists are releasing albums too”, I hear the masses shout.
Well, fear not. I’ve been around the block. I know the industry. I know in the scheme of things, my album will barely register. A sand grain in an ocean of music.
But sod it, I’m proud of the songs I’ve written, the noises I (and some fine guests) have made, and I’m putting it all out there whether any/many care or not.
That said, It would be lovely if you did care and I hope some of you like some of it. But I will not be offended if you don’t.
Perhaps some of you might like to share this?
As well as my old friends, family & a few “fans”, I have lots of new friends from my recent doings with Bayfield Booth. Hello to you all, and thank you for welcoming me firmly into this lovely Suffolk musical family. All being well, later in the year I’ll be crowing on about a new Bayfield Booth album.
But first, ‘solo’ was how my journey in this daft industry started, and solo I return to once again. For a bit. Quietly.

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