Awesome recording studio in Suffolk

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll tell you my little tale of documenting my humble music at the most amazing recording studio in Suffolk.

Elephant in the Room at recording studio in SuffolkWhether you have a recording studio in Suffolk or not, it’s very hard to write about how great your own products or services are without simply saying “my products or services are great. You MUST spend your hard-earned money on them!”. It’s a lot easier to recommend someone and say that. That’s why I suggested to Mr Booth that he get some people like me, his customers, to share their experiences.

This isn't a testimonial; it’s (hopefully) a mini insight into the experience of working with David in getting the ideas that come from within my little brain, down for all eternity, to share with the world. Even of the world isn't ready for them! My hope is that if you are visiting his website, that you will get the feeling that this recording studio in Suffolk is a little different. Good different.

Many moons ago (I’m very old) I played bass in a proggy rock band, so spent some time in the odd recording studio and it was great fun. Because I thought I was going to be a rock star. Now that I’m old and wise (ahem) I realise that those experiences and end results would have been so much better had they been with David. Although he would have been about 12 at the time so probably crap at being a recording studio bloke.

I arrived at singer/ songwritering a lot later in life than most, so entered a recording studio after many years, with great trepidation and very little confidence. I don't consider myself to be a great guitarist or singer, but David has a way of making that go away, without just patronisingly saying “you’re great”. It’s very hard to define in a few words, so hopefully some of my contemporaries may come blogging along with their own experiences and help you to further understand.

My homely recording studio in SuffolkIn a nutshell, the Recording Booth is a recording studio in Suffolk that greets you like your favourite sofa with a nice cup of tea by your side, and makes you feel at home. The surroundings are very calming without having been purposefully feng-shuied. The actual ‘place’ is an extension of the personality of some bloke called David.

Although the recording studio has a very homely feel about it, it is very much a place that produces some amazing sounds. He has some very expensive equipment that he will get all geeky about so just go with it. In exchange, you’ll get to work with one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, who happens to be a multi-instrumentalist musician, quite happy to add some guitar, drums, mandolin, vocals, percussion stuff to your work should you wish him to. It’s just part of what he does.

What I really like, as someone treading nervously sometimes with my songs, is that he’ll listen to them and completely ‘get’ what I’m trying to convey. He then somehow manages to make that magically appear in the speakers just by using the wizardry of his computer. I spend a lot of time working with David after we have laid down the initial track, getting each song to sound how I imagine it. And again he makes this process very relaxed. I don't think I’d be able to suggest some of the daft ideas I have with many other people. He often tells me I’m “bonkers” and “his daftest client” but I think that’s just his way of telling me I’m a genius and way ahead of my time!

I thoroughly enjoy the whole bubble of arriving at the recording studio with my raw song and leaving with this polished product that I am immensely proud of. And as David its his heart and should into ensuring that you get what you want, rather than focussing on squeezing money out of people, it doesn't cost the earth either.

Me in my recording studio in SuffolkIt’s been an absolute pleasure working with David over the last few years and I’d like to think that we've become good friends. I look forward to continuing as long as I can keep writing songs that I like. Many people listening to Elephant In The Room for the first time are taken aback by just how professional the whole thing sounds and I can assure you, that whilst I have brilliantly talented band-mates in Fern Teather and Sam Thurlow and occasional equally talented friends guesting on our work, that is not down to me!

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