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After a thoroughly enjoyable couple of years based ten minutes drive away, I've moved my recording studio back to my home village (Debenham in Suffolk, UK, as you ask). Specifically, back to the grounds of my home. Why? Well, ten minutes commute wasn't killing me and the rent on the commercial unit wasn't extortionate... but actually, I like working from home, so I built a new studio right here...


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The studio is actually two buildings, constructed out of nice, warm, chunky wood, linked together with the usual sort of cables you get going between different rooms at "normal" recording studios. The wood is important. First, I much prefer the look of natural materials. However, rather more importantly considering I'm a music producer, these wooden buildings sound lovely.

When I first moved to Suffolk a few years ago, I built one of these, let's call them posh sheds, as a temporary base to work from until I found the right commercial unit. The posh shed at home then became a multi-purpose thing for the whole family. But even though I was keen to move out to a bigger space at the time, my year working in the posh shed left me with a lasting fondness for the sound of these buildings, which I never entirely forgot.

Fast-forward to the middle of last year and the desire to return to shed-life grew. The flexibility of working from home (yes, I'm aware of the down-sides too), the feel of the buildings, being able to open the door and walk to work in three seconds...

So, knowing the original building wasn't big enough to house both "control" and "live" rooms, I set about sourcing and constructing a second one, which turned out to be the control room, with the original building now converted to a comfortable live room, plenty big enough to record a full drum kit but small enough in its garden-footprint to not put my marriage in danger.

I've still a bit of tidying-up to do, but I've been fully operational now for a couple of weeks and everything is sounding delightful... bright but warm, and perhaps, yes, a little bit woody, in a good way. Plus, when I'm taking ear-breaks on long mixing days, I can hang the washing up, feed the cats, dash down the road to do the school run...

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