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Drummer, guitarist, producer... but also singer & songwriter...

Inspired by the Seattle "Grunge" scene of the early 1990s, particularly how the singers and lyricists of those bands would often tackle dark and personal subject matter, whilst appealing to a broad audience, David started writing songs... and never really stopped.

Since releasing a debut solo album in 2000, through numerous releases with AloneMe, The Floe, The Good Years, and two other solo EPs, David Edward Booth has always, quietly, been a songwriter at heart.

Although better known now for his work as an in-demand producer, session musician and co-writer, David has continued to write songs for himself, and in July 2018 a new David Edward Booth album - "Away Away" - was gently released into being.

Away Away is an album dedicated to, and heavily infused with the memories of David's father, who passed away in the opening days of 2016, almost exactly a year after being diagnosed with a brain tumour. The ghosts, the darkness, the unanswered questions, but also positivity found during that one last year of living life to the full. And for those of us left behind, new stories of finding ways of carrying on.

You can purchase the CD via the David Edward Booth Bandcamp page,
or find the album on all the usual digital platforms.

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