There are mugs, and then there are mugs…


This is the current operational selection of mugs at the Booth household. I can hear the question now…

“Why have you shared a picture of your mugs with us, David?”

Well, it’s an ‘individual’ thing. A ‘not the same’ thing. A ‘gloiously not conforming to a template’ thing (unless you view the uniform presence of a cylindrical liquid-container with a handle of some sort as conforming to a template). And I get a warm glow from supporting people who do stuff like this.

The point is (or points are):
*They are all different.
*They are all made with care by talented independent artists/craftspeople.
*They all have individual character, history, geography.

And that is how I like to view every song or piece of music I work on. Every drum part I play. Every album I produce.

No matching set of soul-less supermarket album solutions here, dear people. If you want to produce a hit song to a tried-and-tested blueprint that will make you sound like everyone else… I’m probably not your producer. I want to help you to be you. Your voice. Your ideas (perhaps with one or two of mine thrown in if you like?). Your song. Your album. Your music.

My mugs. 🙂

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