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Update 14/9/20…
In the coming weeks my family and I are moving house. Stressful enough on its own, but my studio comes with my house, so I’ve got to deal with that too! I’ve now dismantled my lovely studio in Bedfield and am in the process of creating a new temporary studio in Earl Soham. I’ll be using this for the next few months while we move house, and then I’ll be creating a brand new, purpose-built, fully-accessible studio in the grounds of the next Booth home.
The Earl Soham studio will have a dedicated vocal recording area, but I also have access to the atmospheric Old School Room in Winston, which is much bigger and I’ll do a lot of the recording there in the coming months with my high-quality mobile kit. The School Room is wheelchair-accessible.


Sony C-100, Sontronics Aria, Sontronics STC-1S Stereo Pair & another STC-1, AKG C414XLS, Audio Technica 4033a, AKG C2000B, Shure Beta56A, SM58 (x2), SM57 (x2), Sennheiser e835 (x3), custom-made ‘sub-kick’, Tbone RB500 Ribbon mics (x2), EM700 (x4).

27″ iMac running Reaper.
SSL SiX desk. Focusrite Clarett 8Pre. Audient ASP800. Softube Console 1 & Console 1 Fader. Audient id44 + ASP800 for mobile recording.
FX plug-ins and virtual instruments by SSL, Softube, Waves, Celemony, Native Instruments, Toontrack… too numerous to list.

Genelec 8330A monitors. Avantone Mixcube.
Headphones: Ollo Audio S4X and S4R (x2), Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro (x2), DT 250 (x2) and DT 100 (x2) headphones.
Sonarworks Reference 4 room calibration.

Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage drums, Yamaha e-drums (triggering Toontrack Superior Drummer 3), Fylde Touchstone mandolin, Blueridge tenor guitar, 2004 Furch S21-CR acoustic guitar, Yamaha AE500 hollow body electric guitar, Ibanez RB850 bass guitar, Tanglewood acoustic bass guitar, Casio semi-weighted 88 note stage piano/master keyboard, Alesis Q49 controller keyboard, Ozark banjo, Primavera cello, 1/2-size double bass, various percussion (djembe, bodhran, cabasa, shakers etc)…

Laney TF300 guitar combo, Boss GT10 effects unit.