I mostly work in my small, perfectly-formed studio at home in Raydon, Suffolk, UK. Imagine a cosy farmhouse living room, with a whole bunch of pro audio equipment in it, and you’re virtually there. We are actually on a farm, with only horses for neighbours. Sometimes I use other spaces (my favourite is Winston Old School Room near Debenham, Suffolk) for specific projects.

I think the most important thing I can tell you about my studio is that it feels relaxed, allowing you to be your most creative self. We can sit around the kitchen table, drink tea and make final tweaks to those lyrics. There’s a comfy sofa, often with Frodo the long-haired chihuahua on it (but he’s happy to be elsewhere if you don’t do dogs). As well as guitars hanging on the walls, I have amazing original artwork by my friend Pam Ibbotson. I don’t do grey acoustic foam.

But I realise you might be interested in what equipment I use. So, here’s the gear, updated December 2023…

Sony C-100, AKG C414XLS, C2000B and D112, Audio Technica 4033a, Sontronics STC-1S Stereo Pair & another STC-1, Shure Beta56A, SM86, SM58 (x2), SM57 (x2), Sennheiser e609, e835 (x3), Golden Age Project R2 ribbon mic (x2). I also have a custom-made ‘sub-kick’, created by my friend Simon Edgoose.

M1 MacBook Pro running Reaper. I love Reaper. It does everything you’d expect of a professional DAW, but to me, just makes more sense, much more quickly.
Universal Audio Apollo x8p interface.
Softube Console 1 running the SSL SL 4000 E console emulation.
FX plug-ins and virtual instruments by Universal Audio, Softube, Waves, Celemony, Native Instruments, Toontrack… too numerous to list.
Midas M32R + DL16 (for mobile recording and live sound).

Genelec 8330A monitors. Avantone Mixcube.
Headphones: Ollo Audio S5X, S4X and S4R, Beyerdynamic DT 250.

Jarrett & Goudge upright piano, Roland RD2000 digital piano, Fylde mandolin, Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage drums (with triggers for use with Superior Drummer 3) & various cymbals, electric bass guitar, acoustic bass guitar, banjo, various percussion (bodhran, cabasa, shakers etc).
I also have custom-made Swannell acoustic and electric guitars, a Yamaha Flugelhorn and a Boosey & Hawkes cornet, but only I get to play those!

Laney TF300 combo, Boss GT-10 effects pedalboard.