UPDATE, 26th JULY 2021…
Last October my family and I moved house, so I had to dismantle my lovely studio and set up a temporary space nearby. In May work began on my brand new, purpose-built, fully-accessible studio in the grounds of our home….

For the last few weeks I’ve been part time music producer and part time DIY-David, completing some of the simpler tasks while the skilled builder does his thing. As I type, we’re just a few days from the new studio being complete. I’ll be taking a week or so to get everything just right, remember how to plug everything back in, tweak the acoustics and tune my ears to the new room. But from mid August I should be full steam ahead. Exciting times!

Sony C-100, Sontronics Aria, AKG C414XLS, Audio Technica 4033a, Sontronics STC-1S Stereo Pair & another STC-1, Shure Beta56A, SM86, SM58 (x2), SM57 (x2), Sennheiser e609, e835 (x3), AKG D112, custom-made ‘sub-kick’, Tbone RB500 Ribbon mics (x2).

27″ iMac running Reaper 6. I love Reaper. It does everything you’d expect of a pro-recording situation, but to me, just makes more sense, much more quickly.
Pre-amps: Neve 1073 SPX, SSL SiX, Audient ASP800, Focusrite Clarett 8Pre.
Mixing: Softube Console 1 & Console 1 Fader with official emulation of SSL SL4000e desk.
FX plug-ins and virtual instruments by SSL, Softube, Waves, Celemony, Native Instruments, Toontrack… too numerous to list.

Genelec 8330A monitors. Avantone Mixcube.
Headphones: Ollo Audio S4X and S4R (x2), Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro (x2), DT 250 (x2) and DT 100 (x2).
Sonarworks Reference 4 room calibration.

Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage drums, Yamaha e-drums (triggering Toontrack Superior Drummer 3), Blueridge tenor guitar, 2004 Furch S21-CR acoustic guitar, Yamaha AE500 hollow body electric guitar, Ibanez RB850 bass guitar, Tanglewood acoustic bass guitar, Casio semi-weighted 88 note stage piano/master keyboard, Ozark banjo, various percussion (djembe, bodhran, cabasa, shakers etc).
I also have a custom-made Swannell acoustic guitar, but only I get to use that!

Laney TF300 guitar combo, Boss GT10 effects unit.