Virtual Busking

Welcome to the Virtual Busking Page... yes, the one Mark Radcliffe kindly mentioned on the Radio 2 Folk Show recently. Cheers Mark! For a full explanation of why this page exists and why the Paypal 'donate' button is here, scroll to the bottom of the page. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy some of my songs.
Songs done thus far (in the order I did them, but the most recent is at the top of the page): Love Will Win, Run, Ghost Out Of The Blue, Pearshaped, Solvitur Ambulando, Up On A Hill, Away Away, A New Way On, Restless, Sirens (feat' Niamh Booth), Magnolia and Summer (feat' Niamh Booth).

Why this page exists...
The Coronavirus COVID-19 has changed everything. None of us know how long for. What we do know is that, like many people, we self-employed musicians have lost most, and in some cases all of our means of earning a living for the foreseeable future.
So, we have to innovate, perform live-streamed gigs, release new songs, remotely-collaborate with artists we never usually have the time to work with and accept the kind support of those of you out there who love music and have a few spare coins.
I'll hopefully be doing all of that, but this page is a little extra thing I felt like doing straight-away.
I've never done busking. Never been brave enough. But I do like the idea of performing a song and hoping someone wandering past likes it/me enough to drop a few coins into the guitar case. I've always given money to buskers. Perhaps it's time to try it, virtually?
I'll try to put up a new song here most days, until I run out of songs or enthusiasm. If you like one, and are able, perhaps drop a few coins in the virtual guitar case - that'll be the Paypal button!
If you have a request for one of my songs (a lot of them are here) email me at
And share. Share this page. Share music with people who need it to stay sane. Share your pasta and soap supplies with your older neighbour who can't get to the shops.
DB. 17th March 2020.