XI:XV – the new David Edward Booth compilation album

David Edward Booth XI:XVXI:XV (11:15) is a new “David Edward Booth” compilation of everything I recorded & released between 2011 & 2015, remastered late 2017. Why have I done this? Pull up a seat…

I don’t get a lot of spare time. Between work, kids, trying to grab the odd five minutes with one’s wife… On the one hand, I don’t have an excuse for not producing new material, what with me having my own recording studio and a whole bunch of people I can call upon to do anything I can’t do myself. I know, I know. But when the “day job” is putting one’s heart & soul into producing, recording, mixing & generally collaborating with other artists on their songs, EPs, albums… well, that doesn’t leave me with much energy, motivation or, yes, time, to do my own thing.

With that in mind, looking back I’m slightly surprised I’ve actually done anything since going “full time” producing other people for a living in 2011. But I have, and I’m rather proud of these little outbursts, EPs, mini albums, whatever you want to call them.

There have been three under various names. One appeared in 2012 (David Booth – Find Our Way Back Home), another in 2014 (David Edward Booth – The Sea EP) and the last in 2015 (The Good Years). I pressed a handful of each, which disappeared at the even smaller handful of gigs that I did around those times. That left me with an unsatisfactory situation of a digital-only back catalogue for this period. Nothing physical. And I’m a bit old-fashioned, so that had to change.

Fast-forward to autumn 2017, following much deliberation and procrastination, finally I decided to do a simple compilation of all three releases in one place. Neat and tidy. A tiny amount of remixing and a quick remaster in down-time between moving house and building my brand new studio… here we are. Thanks for reading, listening, caring.


p.s. If you’re wondering why I’m now using my full name including the “Edward”, it’s simply because there are too many other David Booths out there!

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