Yearly Archives: 2019

Songs: no competition!

I'm a little annoyed, so instead of getting grumpy with my wife, short with my kids or ranting on Twitter, I thought I'd gather my thoughts and talk to you about songs.

Why songs, and why am I annoyed? I'll be open and honest: The Guardian is my natural UK...

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Songwriting: how do you write yours?

We all have busy lives, these days. So busy I sometimes wonder if I'll ever find the time and energy to write another song.

And that thought lead me on to thinking about when and where I best function as a songwriter.

I can hear you now...

"David, rather than thinking about songwriting, and rather...

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Mixing desk: small can be beautiful

Ok, let's get this out if the way... my new mixer, mixing desk, mixing console, whatever you want to call it, is small. I know what you're thinking, because I've been there. Surely all proper studios have a big console with dozens and dozens of knobs, faders and flashing lights? Something that looks...

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Recording drums – acoustic or e-drums?

I've been a drummer for 30 years, so I suppose I'm approaching this subject as much from a playing angle as a music producer one. But whatever my background, my job as both player and producer is to get the best result, as efficiently as possible, for the song...

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