“I hold David Booth in the very highest regard as a musician, songwriter, producer and a person. He has been involved in many of East Anglia’s finest music moments and has always done BBC Radio Suffolk proud in everything he’s been involved in. He is very much a musician’s musician. He can turn his hand to so many different genres and projects, whether it’s in the studio or on stage. He is a well respected figure on East Anglia’s thriving music scene and I have no hesitation in recommending his services.”
Stephen ‘Foz’ Foster – BBC Radio Suffolk

“I’ve recorded in quite a few studios over the years, working with a number of different producers/engineers. Each of them was able to do certain things well, whether that was: their technical knowledge (“just listen to smooth yet airy sound of this hand-wound, large-diaphragm condenser valve analogue vintage thingymebob…”); their ability to make you feel relaxed and comfortable (although it may have impaired your ability to see through the enveloping fog); or their musical direction (“first thing we need to do is set up a click track…”). 
The great thing about working with David is that, first and foremost, he is a musician; he understands where the artist is coming from; he understands that being uncomfortable in a studio will restrict creativity; he understands that each new recording session is different to a previous session (the artist does not necessarily want to sound like something he has recorded before) and he actively tries to understand as much as possible the overall sound that the artist wants to achieve (even if the artist themselves struggle to articulate it).
When I first met with David to record an EP, I had a basic feel of how I wanted the songs to sound. Working with him we developed the overall sound and created something that I’m very proud of. It was an absolute pleasure.”
Iain Coulson (Mastroianni)

“I use the Recording Booth for all of my recordings now. David Booth is an inspiration to work with and instinctively seems to know what I’m looking for with my songs and always manages to bring out the best in them. I find it very important to have a relaxed and creative atmosphere when I’m recording, and David always manages to ensure that we have that kind of a space. I work with Kelly Pritchard as a duo, and initially we record the basic guitar and vocal track for a song. Once we have a good version, we then discuss with David how we envisage the recording, what instruments we’d like to have included, then David adds the bass and rhythm tracks and any other instruments that we’ve requested. He also has a long list of expert players available so if we require cello or piano on a particular song, then he can organise that for us. We then get back together to discuss the mixes – and his input in this regard is always invaluable, – and any other requirements before the final master is prepared. David is very knowledgable and an extremely talented individual. He makes you feel completely at ease in the studio regardless of your recording experience and now I always recommend the Recording Booth to fellow musicians.”
Kev Walford

“What I look for in a recording engineer is patience, understanding of my music, an excellent ear and the ability to interpret my woolly requests such as “add a bit of mist”. And the appreciation of good biscuits. Above all they need to be able to feed me into a magic box and make it come out sounding like ME! David at The Recording Booth fulfills all these requirements and is also a jolly nice man! I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and am very pleased with the outcome. Thank you, sir!”
Tony Winn

“David has a full hand of virtues when it comes to working with musicians. He’s effortlessly brilliant on the technical side. He’s an CD2cover-300x280accomplished musician, and generous with it. He has a good sense of humour, endless patience and will do what it takes to get the right sound from every track. Most important of all, he has an excellent ear. In short, he’s great to work with, and the results he gets are impressive.”
Terence Blacker

“David regularly sends me material he’s recorded for mastering here, and I’m always struck by the quality and solidity of the sounds he gets, also his care and attention with vocals. This together with a long-term songwriting career and considerable instrumental ability enables him to tackle an unusually wide range of music projects: long may he continue to deliver the goods!”
Nigel Palmer – Lowland Masters

“I would just like to say a huge, great big thank you for supporting my music and doing such a fab job with my songs. I have learned so much during our time recording and I cannot wait until the next session!”
Jess Simmons

“Within the first few days of working with David Booth as producer on my third album, I knew I’d put my trust in the right guy. He proved himself to be a true professional: knowledgeable, practical, productive and focussed in his producer role, but also creative, reliable and sensitive in his musician role. He is a great diplomat; instinctively knowing how to deal with, and get the best out of, every musician in the studio. He was incredibly easy to work with, co-operative on the few artistic differences we encountered, and the fact that he genuinely cared about the music was paramount to its success. He went way over and above his initial role as a producer and I came out of this very rewarding process with a great album, a great bandmate, and unexpectedly, a great friend.”
Abi Moore

“Dave is a really great musician, engineer, producer and has the patience of Solomon. He is very professional in his approach and contributes a tremendous amount to the finished product. 
A few years ago I wanted to record a few songs and I wasn’t confident I could do it so I wanted the right place and right person to help me. Someone recommended Dave, so I met him and worked with him on my first album. I am glad I did.
Dave makes you feel like he’s part of the team and that does calm you, something which is essential in a studio. There is always a good, easy, relaxed atmosphere which is really conducive to getting the job done. I’ve now done nine albums with him. Just seems the natural place to go when I have my song writing hat on.”
Richard Townend

David has mixed and mastered several live audio projects for artists we have recorded on our live music evenings at Little Rabbit Barn. Our brief is to retain the energy and dynamics of the live performance. Both Red Sky July and Anna Coogan were so impressed with the mixes of their live recordings and the ambience of their performances at LRB that we got the thumbs up to produce commercial CDs. These have been released and are available at their live gigs or through our website. David is a seriously talented engineer, producer and musician and importantly a very amicable chap to work with. We look forward to the next live project!
Jonathan Rabett, Little Rabbit Barn

“Wow, what an amazing day in the studio… Just listening to the fruits of our work and I’m so happy with how it’s sounding! David Booth at The Recording Booth is wonderful to work with.”
Keith Sadler

“Having already recently recorded with David for a friend I had no hesitation in using the Recording Booth for my own debut EP. The studio has a very relaxed feel about it, mirrored by David’s approach. It’s very easy to feel at home with David but he manages to combine this relaxed air with a level of professionalism that fills you with confidence.
Being a highly accomplished musician too, he has the perfect ear for when something doesn’t feel quite right and will make suggestions, again only when really needed or helpful, rather than to put his stamp on it (thanks for the dropped down bass riff!). He is patient, which is a bonus when working with musicians and throughout the whole process I could just feel the EP building organically, rather than being rushed or falsely represented. I told David at the start of the process exactly the feel I was looking and he has delivered. And then some!
I am planning to return as soon as possible to do more and would have no hesitation in recommending David and the ‘Booth’ unreservedly”
Carl Scott (Elephant In The Room)

“You sir, are some sort of evil genius. The EP sounds amazing. Thank you, truly, from the bottom of our hearts.”
Holly Taymar & Chris Bilton

“We went in May 2010 for a day in the studio, to record a song we’d written as a one-off… we’re now over 20 songs done with The Recording Booth and counting! Just completed our “difficult 2nd album” with Dave producing and adding magical chemistry… he knows what we want instinctively.”
Cats In The Kitchen

“Just before Christmas 2012 I wrote a song “Shin to the Button’ which started to get good comments when we sang it at Open Mic nights. I decided to record it at home but wasn’t very satisfied with the result. I contacted Dave to see if he was interested in making a ‘proper’ recording. He was and on 24 January 2013 we spent the day at his recording studio in Debenham.
This was a completely new experience for us and we were quite nervous but Dave carefully explained what we needed to do and how he was going to build up the song starting with a guide track. In the end we ended up with nearly 30 tracks from which he crafted the final version of the song. It was a most enjoyable day.
Dave has a gentle encouraging style and we soon felt quite at home and relaxed. At our invitation Dave created a third harmony line for the chorus and was even willing to sing it as we built up the chorus to sound like a lot of people singing together. He was very responsive to our suggestions and ideas and on 28 January we received an mp3 version of the song for our comments. Not only had Dave produced a great mix but he had suggested an alternative introduction to the song. We gave him our feedback, requesting that we go with the alternative introduction and, on 31 January, we received the final version. The whole experience has been a joy. In just a week we have recorded the song and got the final mix. It has been a pleasure to work with Dave throughout and we would highly recommend him for the way he ‘managed’ us in the studio, the quality of the final mix and for his musical input. Not only is he a very competent recording engineer he is also a very good musician. We have a much better product because of his input. If I could give 5 stars I would!”
Ian Clarke (In Tandem)