Recording & Producing

NOLOOKINGBACKMy role as an engineer and producer is to capture and bring out the best in your performance, your music, your songs. A minimum of fuss and a strong emphasis on creating a relaxed, creative environment. I can also be the extra band member (but with fresh ears to your songs), the sounding board for ideas and the calm voice of reason when the nerves kick in.

Whether it’s a demo to get some local gigs or a full album destined for international release and radio airplay, I have the experience to help bring your ideas to reality.

ABIMOOREAMOEBA&STONEFRONTCOVER copyI recognise that each singer, musician or project has different needs and I have the flexibility (and 20 years experience) to help get the best out of every song and every performance. If you are an experienced artist with a clear musical vision, or have a number of ideas and are looking for someone to help you take them further, the Recording Booth has the facilities and expertise to capture your performances with minimal fuss and maximum life.

RichardTownendBPIf you are an up-and-coming artist looking for an experienced, friendly producer, I can help you discover your unique sound and support the whole recording process, from song writing & arranging to coordinating session musicians, getting the best out of you whether you are confident in what you do, or nervous and uncomfortable like many artists being recorded for the first-time.

Online Collaboration & Sessions

DBdrumsatGranthI'm based in rural Suffolk, UK, but these days it doesn't really matter where we are. If you're recording at home or in another studio but need drums, percussion, rhythm guitar (acoustic or electric) or male backing vocals on your song, or songs, this can be done quickly and cost effectively - just send me the wav/mp3 of your music (via Dropbox or you favoured file-sharing service), along with the bpm and perhaps a few suggestions as to what you'd like. With a little more notice I can also source lead guitar, piano, female backing vocals, mandolin, cello and more.

IMG_7624lowHaving recorded the instrument part I will then send you two* wav files - one with the track mixed together as a guide, and one with just the new instrument, completely "dry" (no effects/reverb) so you can mix or process the track exactly as you want. *With drums or anything else 'multi-mic' I'll send each mic as a separate file.

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Mixing & Mastering


I usually mix the projects I've recorded & produced, but it is also becoming common for artists to approach me to mix recordings they’ve already made in other studios or home set-ups. Given reasonable source material, I'm able to bring life and coherence to your recordings, helping your songs to sound the best they can be.


What is mastering? A mastering engineer listens to mixed audio, making adjustments to the sound where necessary and preparing it for manufacture or download. If you already know this, you'll know it's a specialist job. The Recording Booth can provide mastering services that would be perfectly adequate for a demo or local release. If, however, you’re looking to get on daytime national radio, you should use the services of a dedicated mastering engineer. I recommend the services of Nigel Palmer at Lowland Masters, who would do a great job for you. I can arrange this for you, or you can contact him directly. Just tell him I sent you!