Would you like to know what I might be able to do for you? Here we go:

songwriting – Co-writing, consultation, coaching, help!

recording – I have my own studio in rural Suffolk, UK. I also have mobile recording capability.

mixing – I mix everything I produce, but could mix your productions too.

mentoring – Artist development, creativity block unblocking, industry guidance. Perhaps I can help you navigate this insanity?

music machines – I play drums, bodhran, rhythm guitar, flugelhorn, tenor horn, cornet and I sing. In the studio I dabble with lots more things like bass guitar, banjo, two (occasionally three) – fingered piano, egg-shaped shakers, nice wooden tambourines…

online collaboration – Apart from the bit about physically recording you, all of the above can be done online.

What about mastering? – I’ll be honest, I’m not a dedicated mastering engineer. I recommend my good friend Joe Vegna over in Sweden. I can organise this for you. That said, I have mastered a couple of albums recently (Delicate Lies & Blue Speck). So, if you end up loving my working mixes so much you cannot imagine handing them over to Joe (but he really is very good!), or you simply don’t have any budget for mastering, let’s talk.

live sound – I’m currently in-house engineer for Folk At The Froize. Before the demands of my studio work took priority, I took care of sound at Little Rabbit Barn and Live At The Cottage.

The things I can’t do – Proper piano, double bass, strings, whistles, woodwind, widdly lead guitar. But I know people who can.