I’m having a spring clean, so please forgive the lack of detail and pretty pictures here at the moment.  Anyway, you want to know what I might be able to do for you? Here we go:

songwriting – Co-writing, consultation, coaching, help!

recording – I have my own studio in rural Suffolk, UK. Nice.

mixing – I mix everything I produce, but can mix your productions too.

mentoring – Artist development, creativity block unblocking, industry guidance. Perhaps I can help you navigate this insanity?

music machines – I play drums & guitars & I sing. In the studio I dabble with lots more things like bass, tenor guitar, banjo, two (occasionally three)-fingered piano, egg-shaped shakers, nice wooden tambourine, cornet, tenor horn.

online collaboration – Apart from the bit about physically recording you, all of the above can be done online.

And now, the things I don’t do…

mastering – I don’t do this, but can recommend people I trust, at various different budget levels, to do this for you.

some music machines I don’t do – Piano, strings, whistles, woodwind, widdly lead guitar. But once again, I probably know people who can.