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I'm David Booth - The Recording Booth - music producer, multi-instrumentalist, sound engineer, singer-songwriter. "The Recording Booth" is also the name of my boutique recording studio in Debenham in the heart of Suffolk, UK.

I cover pretty much all the things you'd expect of a recording studio but specialise in working with singer-songwriters and online collaboration & mixing, often working with clients from early song ideas right through to release.

Whether you are an established artist ready to record your latest album or an up & coming act looking for support in developing your unique sound, The Recording Booth has everything you need.

To get an idea of what it feels like to make music here, have a look at the "Back Home" blog. The "As Mission Statements Go" blog outlines why I think music is more important than it may first appear.

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David Edward Booth

Soulfood and creativity distilled into a real thing. Beautiful. Thank you @darkmtn t.co/Vjcz3XfhXB

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David Edward Booth

Mix feedback today: "Wizard of the widgets, prince of the plugins, master of mixing, ​fabulous fixer of the faders.” I think this is good.

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Debenham Village

Need a job doing? Support your local businesses. Check out the extensive list on the Debenham website t.co/CIA6YYXXj5

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Dr. Hazel Harrison

Remember the power of positive relationships! t.co/XcpbR2f3bc #WorldMentalHealthDay

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#WorldMentalHealthDay today finds us in a sorry state. Epidemics of anxiety, depression, loneliness suggest the need for a massive rethink.

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